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GG Overview

What is GG?

Geranylgeraniol (GG) is a substance synthesized endogenously in the human body by a biochemical pathway known as the mevalonate pathway. It is the same pathway that produces cholesterol, vitamin K2, steroid hormones, and ubiquinone (CoQ10). GG is an essential compound that supports muscle health, bone health, and metabolic processes throughout a human's body.*

Unfortunately, the production of GG declines with age, and at the same time, certain medications also inhibit the mevalonate pathway, specifically statins, and bisphosphonates. However, by replenishing natural GG levels, an individual can be protected from age-related physical decline as well as improve their muscle strength and function.*

Muscle Protein Synthesis

Normal age-related changes in muscle mass and strength play a substantial role in older people's quality of life affecting their independence. GG helps support the healthy function of muscle protein synthesis. Luckily research indicates supplementing with GG helps keep muscles healthy and functioning.

Bone Health & Composition

GG is a must have component for Vitamin K (MK-4) synthesis and may assist with the proper functioning of proteins that help in depositing calcium into bones and teeth. GG may be highly beneficial in restoring levels of this essential vitamin in supporting bone health.

CoQ10 Synthesis

GG may promote healthy CoQ10 levels in conjunction with added healthcare practitioner support and diagnosis. CoQ10 is a substance that helps support healthy mitochondrial functions.